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Video 1 - How Silpoura Clip On Spout Works.

This is a great video for the new user of the Silpoura Clip On Spout. Tells you what Silpoura is made of. How easy it is to attach to skillets, pots and pans. Silpoura will even attach to a 5 gallon paint bucket. Simply pinch the top of Silpoura and clip on. Explains the second notch on the clip. Did you know the strainer attachment is removable? Watch how the seal on Silpoura pushes on the side of a bowl.

Video 2 - Silpoura Spout Pours from Crockpot.

This is a great use for Silpoura Clip On Spout. Watch how we pour the leftover yucky grease from our pulled pork. Never pour grease down the sink, by using Silpoura it makes it so easy to pour the grease into a disposable container pop the lid on and throw it into the trash.

Video 3 - Amazing Peach Torte Recipe

This is our favorite fresh peach recipe. Silpoura does a great job pouring the sticky syrup, you a able to pour it exactly where you need it. Filling up the cracks between the peaches and making a wonderful Summer Peach Dessert.

Don't forget to get the recipe click the link below:.

Video 4 - Pour Steamy Hot Chocolate

So quick and easy, simply clip on Silpoura to your saucepan and pour hot chocolate directly into your individual mugs. Garnish with whipped cream, cinnamon stick, grated choc.

Don't forget to get the recipe click the link below:.

Video 5 - Natural Homemade Lipbalm

Using Silpoura for pouring the boiled then cooled ingredients we are able to pour our non-petroluem jelly lipbalm into individual lipbalm containers.

Don't forget to get the recipe click the link below:.

Video 6 - Silpoura Pours Perfect Waffles

No more mess and baked on batter. Nobody likes cleaning up sticky batter on their waffle maker and counter top

Garnish these delicious warm waffles with blueberries, strawberries whipped cream, and maple syrup.

Don't forget to get the recipe click the link below:.

Video 7 - Everyone Loves Homemade Cupcakes

So simple to use Silpoura for pouring cupcake batter into cupcake liners making your life so much easier. The cleanup is quick and the cupcakes are delicious.

Don't forget to get our red velvet cupcake recipe click the link below:.

Video 8 - Drain Grease from Hamburger

NEVER pour grease down the sink! It not only clogs your sink but your county's pipes and sewers. Silpoura makes it so easy to drain and pour the grease into a resealable container for disposal in your trash.




Video 9 - Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Silpoura is a great way to pour your hummingbird nectar into your hummingbird feeder.

Learn how to make hummingbird nectar at :.

Video 10 - Silpoura Pours Pancake Mix

Silpoura is a great way to pour pancake mix/batter without dripping all over the griddle. Its hard work to clean that baked on batter.

Check out our recipe for perfect pancakes at:




Video 11 - Silpoura Pours Hot Gravy

Silpoura provides the perfect way to easily pour gravy into a gravy boat for that wonderful family dinner.


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