The Story Of Silpoura

People always ask me how I came up with idea for Silpoura,

I love to cook..

One morning, while camping, I fried up some bacon or ground beef for breakfast, and wanted to pour off the grease.

I didn't want to pour it off into the forest, and the only container I had handy was a coke can.
The Ah Ha moment was when I said- "There should be a 'Thing'. Like a straining spout. That you could clip onto the skillet to drain the grease off into a container".

So I looked in the kitchen stores, Wal-mart, and online for this type of clip on spout, and it just didn't exist.

The name Silpoura stands for
Silicone, Pouring, Accessory

That's how Silpoura happened.


The product did start as an "environmental" product, and I believe that it can still make a big difference in our collective efforts to help the environment.
However, while I was testing the prototypes, I would naturally show them to family and friends. That is where I really started to come up with all the other pouring ideas - batters, soups, paints, pancakes, etc
- in addition to the hot cooking grease and oil.

dripless strainer clip on spout environmentally friendly clip on strainer spout strain grease

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