Silpoura Clip On Spout



Great idea, for everyone that cooks!

The geniune patented clip-on spout Silpoura, helps you drain pasta, get rid of your pan’s grease from bacon or ground beef and pour cupcake batter into the paper cups.

clip on spout attaches to mixing and serving bowls, pots, pans, skillets and double boilers for mess-free pouring and straining.

has a detachable strainer, strain grease off hamburger, veges, rice.

Silpoura was designed to easily attach to different size bowls and pots.

Silpoura clip on spout is made from high quality food grade silicone so it is dishwasher safe and will withstand cooking temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s a true go-to gadget that makes short work of everyday kitchen and cooking tasks.

Silpoura Reviewgood product 5/21/2014

very good product its just what I needed for pouring left over grease in containers for storage.. will recomend to others...J.B. from trotwood ohio

Silpoura Clip On Spout

It really works......... 5/18/2014

I should have had Silpoura along time ago.....................
Rev Clifford from Portland,Or

Silpoura Clip On Spout Pours Chocolate Cake Pour Batter
  • Strain Fruit Salad
  • Pour Gravy & Sauces
  • Strain/Pour Cooking Oil
  • Pour Hot Soup
  • Drain Vegetables, Rice
  • Pour Cake Mixes - Cupcakes
  • Drizzle Hot Butter, Chocolate or Caramel
  • Pour Hummingbird Syrup
  • Pour Hot Candle Wax
  • Fits onto Electric Mixer Bowl
  • Pour Lipbalm
  • Pour Paint
dripless strainer clip on spout environmentally friendly clip on strainer spout strain grease

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